What is brixta? What is power? What is freedom? What is this world? What does infinity mean? What is friendship? What is love? Are we alone? What does it even mean to be a human being?

Who does know what it means to grow up in this time and space?

In a world, so gloomy, where the fool is called wise and the wise called fool. 

But in this world, there is also a power which can change everything!

This book tells about this power; about the power of brixta. About the power of the first humans, the luminous ones called Shiri and the oppressed.

It tells about the journey which never ends.

About heroines, heroes and goddesses, gods, about fairies and dragons, about what the common human eye does not perceive. It's a story about dreams and at the same time about the demise of one world and the beginning of another. A story about young people who discover this unbelievable power.